Holiday Club


The holiday club follows a weekly plan that is based on the childrens interests and of various topics. We provide a craft activity everyday linked to the theme and interests of the children and to suit their age range We also provide a messy activity i.e. dough, foam, water and table top activities (board games, puzzles). The children have freedom of choice of which activities they would like to participate in and if suitable activities are suggested by the children then they are provided.

The children are also provided with snack, which usually consists of fruit and toast, milk and water, but if cooking activities have been provided they have these for a snack.

Children are encouraged to participate in some kind of physical activity which is made fun for all. If the weather outside is suitable we use our outside area and provide various games and activities to suit all. If not then we use our quiet room and children choose which games they wish to play, i.e. hide & seek, musical games.

We are lucky enough to own our own mini bus so we do two trips a week, we take the children to many differnt places such as: Jump. The Aquarium, Mount Edgecombe, Bovisand beach, The Hoe, Paignton and many more places.

We can give you the trip information usually 3 weeks before each half term when the booking forms are ready to be completed