Bobtails is a committee run nursery that caters for children from the ages 2-11 years. The elected committee comprises of three officers, (Chair person, Treasurer and Secretary) and other committee members, these being parents.


Committee meetings are held once a month, when issues and ideas are discussed.  Our Annual General Meeting is held every October, giving parents and carers the opportunity to elect committee members.  The setting is subject to inspection undertaken by Ofsted.


If you are interested in being elected onto the committee, please speak to a member of the management team.

Current Committee Members


  • Chairperson - Tracy Hopkins 
  • Deputy Chairperson - Glenn Jordon
  • Secretary - Debra Bennett
  • Treasurer - Sarah Smithson
  • Staff representative - 
  • Trustee - Michelle Nettleship, Hannah Punchard, Megan Griffin
  • Business/Finance Manager - Anne Cook
  • Childcare Manager - Rachel Dix