As part of our curriculum the children are taken for local walks, visits etc, off the premises and permission will be sought for your child to be included in such outings.

  • A staff member shall inform you in advance of any visits or outings involving the transportation of children away from the nursery.

  • The nursery will inform parents whether a school vehicle, private passenger vehicle or public transport will be used.

  • A full risk assessment will be carried out for each outing. 


When taking a child on such a trip, outing or special event, the nursery will: 

  • Secure individual written consent slips signed by a parent.

  • Advise parents of the time and place the visit will take place.

  • Advise parents on the equipment needed for the trip i.e. coats, rucksack, packed lunch etc.

  • The ratio for staff to children depends on the age group of the group and will be advised at the time.

  • There will be a designated person in charge and a designated First Aider.

The staff members will:

  • Divide the children into small groups.

  • Take a register with them.

  • Take a first aid kit.

  • Take a mobile phone.

  • And anything else that is deemed necessary for the comfort of the trip.

  • The staff members will contact the nursery at least once whilst out.

  • The register will be taken before setting off, on arrival, half way through the visit, before departure, and again on arrival back at the nursery.

Use of vehicles for outings

When planning a trip or outing using vehicles, records of vehicles and drivers including licenses, MOT certificates and business use insurance are checked.

If a vehicle is used for outings the following procedure will be followed:

  • Ensure seat belts, child seats and booster seats are used.

  • Ensure the maximum seating is not exceeded.

  • All children will be accompanied by, a registered member of staff and parent Helper

  • No child will be left in a vehicle unattended.

  • Care and be taken when getting into or out of a vehicle.


  • In the event of a child being lost, the Lost Child Procedure will be followed.

  • Any incidents must be recorded in writing.

  • OFSTED must be contacted and informed of any incidents.