Parents/Carers must sign a medication form giving details of the medicine, dosage and times to be administered.


The greatest care will be taken to see that these are administered according to the instructions and a signed record of all medication administered shall be made on the medication forms and witnessed by another member of staff.


If the child is on prescribed medication the following procedures will be followed:

  • If possible, the child's parents will administer medicine. If not, then medication must be stored in the original container and clearly labelled with child's name, dosage and any instructions. Where local regulations require it, guidance will be sought before people other than parents agree to administer medicines.

  • Written information will be obtained from the parent, giving clear instructions about the dosage, administration of the medication and permission for a member of staff to follow the instructions.

  • All medications will be kept in a cupboard/ fridge that is out of the reach of the children. Staff should keep their personal medication in their locker as long as it is kept locked at all times or they can use the medicine cabinet.


A medication file will be available to log in the following details:

  • Name of child receiving medication;

  • Times that the medication should be administered;

  • Date and time when medication is administered,

  • Together with the signature of the person who has administered each dose and a signature from a witness.



Bobtails Full Day Care



With regard to the administration of life saving medication such as insulin/adrenalin injections or the use of nebulisers the most senior / qualified member of staff will be responsible for this. If specialist knowledge is required, staff involved in administering medication will receive training from a qualified health professional and permission sought for the child’s parent/carer.