Meal times should be a happy, social occasion for staff and children alike.


General Procedures

1 Individual dietary requirements will be respected.

2 If a child does not finish his first course he/she will still be given a small helping of dessert.

3 Staff will set a good example of good table manners.

4 Cultural differences in eating habits will be respected.

5 Children will be encouraged to say 'Please' and 'Thank you'.

6 Conversation will be encouraged, but not shouting.

7 Any child who shows signs of distress at being faced with a meal he/she does not like will have his food removed without any fuss.

8 Children not on special diets will be encouraged to eat a small piece of everything.

9 Children who refuse to eat at the mealtime will be offered food later in the day.

10 Children who are slow eaters will be given time and not rushed.

11 Quantities will take account of the ages of the children.

12 Children receiving a hot meal from the school kitchen will follow the rotated Menu


The sharing of refreshments can play an important part in the social life of the setting as well as reinforcing children's understanding of the importance of healthy eating. The setting will ensure that it fulfils all the requirements of the registering authority and that:

  • All meals and snacks provided are nutritious. 

  • NO NUT foods will be allowed in Bobtails 

  • Before a child starts to attend the group, staff discuss with parents the child’s dietary needs, including any allergies, and make appropriate arrangements to meet them and note them on the appropriate list 

  • All children have the opportunity to try unfamiliar foods through snack time activities 

  • The dietary rules of religious groups and also of vegetarians/vegans are known and met in appropriate ways 

  • Water is constantly available  

  • Children’s packed lunches will be stored in the fridge 

  • Milk provided for children is whole and pasteurised. 

  • Regular healthy snacks are provided throughout the day 

  • All meals and snacks provided are nutritious, avoiding large quantities of fat, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and colourings